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Each part carefully crafted to perfection
Unleash your inner warrior with this Premium Barbatos watch. It features a white bezel and band with a stunning dragon's skin and multi-coloured print, the iconic blue G-button with gold wording, and a customised LCD.
A special commissioned illustration project collaboration.
Water Resistant
Water resistance up to a certain depth. It can endure water splashes from washing your hands or being caught in the rain as well.
Electro-luminescent backlight
EL (Electroluminescence) backlighting is also called an ELP (Electroluminescence Panel). This type of backlighting is a technology that uses colored phosphors, not heat, to generate light and can be added to many LCD technologies. This is one of the most important features of a watch. It allows you to read the time in low light and it also adds style and elegance to your wrist.
Durable and Tough Prints

Does not fade over time

and can withstand all conditions of weather and temperature.

Finish product is properly coated to ensure durability.

Flexible and does not crack.

Vibrant Masterpiece

Being able to feel and interact with these art on your wrist

makes it a physical experience.

You have to see to feel it.

Real product is better than the photo. Never expect it to look this good. Love the straps as you can see the embossed effect of the dragon element. For me, it is value for money.

Very nice finishing. Fast shipping, received it within 5 days. Thought it would take longer :) Every function on the watch works perfectly. Overall very happy with what i have purchased. 

Great value. The ultimate casual and tough watch. It is easy to see the display and comfortable to wear. Packaging is superb surprisingly with the shiny gloss effect. This picture don't do justice to this packaging. You have to see it with your own eyes!

What will you be getting:
Package includes:

1. Premium Gundam Barbatos G-Shock Watch

2. Premium Watch Packaging

3. Iron Blooded Orphans Keychain

4. 1 Year Watch Warranty


Gundam Barbatos Customized Watch Set


Trusted & Reliable Customizer since 2017
Extraordinary Craftsmanship & Quality

Vast experience in custom printing services.

All work is done in-house & each piece is made-to-order with extraordinary craftsmanship and quality. Create your own watch designs for your collection.

Have Questions:
Do you ship to the US or UK?

YES, we do. We ship worldwide via FedEx.

 Is this watch authentic?

This is not an official G-Shock production. This is a customised G-Shock featuring our own design that we collaborated with a fan art artist. We use authentic G-Shock parts for this customisation. Every part is carefully assembled by a qualified watch technician. It has all the functionality and exceptional quality of an authentic G-Shock watch. 

What is the shipping cost?

There is no charge for shipping, price shown includes shipping.

What is the shipping duration?

It will usually take approximately 4-6 business days depending on your location. Generally it would not take longer than this.

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