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Each part carefully crafted to perfection

Unleash your inner warrior with this Premium Barbatos watch. It features a white bezel and band with a stunning dragon's skin and multi-coloured print, the iconic blue G-button with gold wording, and a customised LCD.


Customize Watch

Ever thought of customizing your watch?

​​Here at belispree, we have done thousands of customized watch allowing you to add your own personalised touch to each of these. As more and more of today's consumers look for watches that make a truly personal statement, the art of customization is in rising demand.

Besides that, it makes a perfect corporate gift as well.

You can choose to do printing on the watch with your own company logo, designs or even personalised messages. Watch printing can be considered as a premium gift and at BeliSpree we offer high color and vibrant result on each of the prints. 

Tom Brady Watch
Tom Brady Gift Set

Contact us at +60 17-6449299 |

Let us be your trusted printing supplier and blow your mind away with this one of a kind customized watch.

Think custom think BeliSpree.



GTWM Customised Watch

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.This is a custom made project featuring Maverick from Top Gun on a G-Shock Watch. The strap resembles the helmet design that is seen in the movie and other elements associated. It also features the backlight silhouette image of a fighter jet piloted by Captain Peter "Maverick" Mitchell.

Our Latest Project

Custom Dragon Ball Watch - Anime Design
Blackpink Custom designed Watch
Dragon Ball Design watch
Dark Vader back light design
Joker Design with printed Keychain
Dark Vader design set
Premium Gundam Barbatos set
Kids Design with custom name on keychain and watch
Onc piece, MU and joker design watch
Dragon Ball design on jelly watch
DW-6900 Gundam design set
Customize watch on different model DW-6900, DW-2100, GX-56
Customize watch for company annual dinner
DW6900- LOVE design with box
DW6900-Yoda star wars design
Yoda star wars back light design
Customize Casio with design VR46
DW-9052 Daiwa Tatula Design
DW6900- Smurfs, Dudes and 95
DW6900- Flora design
DW6900- Tenaga Nasional design
Joker and One piece design watch
Anniversary Design watch
Custom name for couple watch
Design of Year 2021
Custom name for Bliese
Duck dude faceplate
Yamaha Design watch
DW6900- Gundam design
GX56- Pattern design
DW6900- Liverpool design
Custom on Long and short band (Gundam)
DW6900- Bubble tea design
Long, Short band with face plate and caseback (Gundame style)
DW6900- Daodaochen Bubble tea design
DW6900- Spiderman design
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