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  • White  resin bits are used to construct the watches in the White PACK Series.
  • There are one variants with partially transparent white-based sections.
  • The the well-liked GA-2100 with octagonal bezel are the basic versions.
  • These models are the ideal choice for stunning fashion goods because of everything about them.




  1. G-SHOCK: A watch with a very high level of shock and impact resistance.
  2. Movement: battery-operated MIYOTA quartz produced in Japan.
  3. Improved date stamp with an auto calendar that automatically modifies the date to account for shorter months
  4. Timer: Counts down from the set time to zero 12/24 clock: Displays the time in 12 and 24 hour modes
  5. Stopwatch: 1/100 represents time in fractions of a second.
  6. The time on the watch is displayed in many time zones.
  7. Alarm: The watch has an additional option to beep five times per day. SIG-signaling during working hours
  8. Illuminator: a device that uses LEDs to illuminate the clock and digital display
  9. Case: constructed of premium carbon with plastic components added.
  10. Mineral glass is a high-quality, scratch-resistant type of glass. - flat
  11. Strap: Superior, robust plastic strap
  12. 200M water resistance class for water resistance. You can swim, but you shouldn't push buttons while you're submerged.
  13. Neobride: hands with phosphorescent pigment that glows at night
  14. Back of case: screwed


ANALOG-DIGITAL Casio G Shock Ga 2100-7A Watch

SKU: 002
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