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How to customise a G Shock CasiOak GA-2100 and turn it into a luxury timepiece.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The GA-2100 has gained popularity for its iconic octagonal bezel design and durability over the years. It's distinctive resemblance to a few popular luxury timepieces has earned this watch model the nickname "CasiOak". If you have landed on this page, you probably would have seen all the nice designs and most likely inspired by the various possibilities you could achieve with your G-Shock CasiOak.

Now comes the term "Casioak mod" which refers to the customization or modification of a Casio G-Shock GA-2100 which involves various alterations to the watch's appearance, functionality, or both.

The idea of having a CasiOak Mod done stems from the high demand to own a timepiece that brings out a sense of luxury, yet affordable at the same time. Just how many of us could afford a $50k AP watch?

Every now and then, there comes along a daring art enthusiast who yearns to unleash their artistic spirit upon the canvas of a watch turning timekeeping into a wearable work of art.

But... Who in their right mind would customize an authentic Rolex or AP watch? It's like giving a makeover to a supermodel and ending up with a clown in high heels!

That's when the Casioak Mod swoops in to save the day, transforming a simple GA 2100 G-Shock into a stylish statement piece that adds a touch of personality to your wrists.

The process of customizing your CasiOak G Shock can be a very interesting activity as it allows the spirit of a fun and creative writer come alive through your watch. Before you get your hands dirty, it's imperative that you know some common types of Casioak mods.

Types of Casioak Mods,
1. Bezel

The most common Casioak modification typically involves the replacement or customization of the bezel. One popular modification is replacing the original bezel of the GA-2100 with a different bezel. This can include custom-made bezels in various materials like metal or carbon fiber, or swapping bezels from other G-Shock models. Put your creative minds to test with the many types of colors and see which one suits your style. There are various third party manufacturers that produces these bezels and you can get them here.

2. Strap Changes

Modifying the strap or band is another common approach. This can involve replacing the original resin strap with a custom-made or aftermarket strap, such as a NATO strap, leather strap, or metal bracelet. Strap changes can significantly alter the overall look and feel of the watch. Custom straps provide versatibility by allowing wearers to adapt their Casioak to different occasions or outfits. Simply switch between sporty, casual or formal straps depending on your needs for a particular event.

3. Dial and Hands modification

Customisation of the dials opens up a world of creative possibilities. Enthusiasts can experiment with different color combinations, patterns and designs, allowing them to create something truly original and eye-catching.

Casioak owners also have the liberty to create themed dials to match their interests or hobbies.

From sports teams to pop culture references, custom dials provide an avenue to showcase one's passions and add personal touches to their watches.

4. Engravings and Personalization

Modders may choose to engrave or personalize their Casioak with custom designs, logos, texts, meaningful symbols or even signatures. Engravings can be done on the back cover, back case, bezel, or even the dial to create a truly unique and personalized timepiece. Putting some engravings or printing designs on your casioak watch creates a special connection, where it becomes more than just an accessory; it becomes a personal keepsake with sentimental value and at the same time allows your watch to reflect your individuality and personality.

It's important to note that Casioak mods require technical skills, knowledge of watch modification, and access to appropriate tools and materials. Modifying a watch can void its warranty and carries the risk of damaging the timepiece if not done properly. If you're interested in Casioak mods, it's recommended to consult experienced modders or professionals who specialize in watch customization to ensure a successful and safe modification.

If the thought of undertaking a Casioak mod ever crosses your mind, consider reaching out to us or contacting our team.

We are here to offer guidance, expertise, G-Shock customer service and a wealth of options to bring your Casioak customization dreams to life, ensuring that your timepiece becomes a unique expression of your personal style.

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